Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our first trip to the ER :(

Hannah and I ran some errands this morning. Our first stop was Hobby Lobby here in Broomfield, CO. While there I was walking a little ahead of Hannah when I heard her trip. Which I wasn't worried about because it seemed to be happening hourly. She started to cry so I turned around to see her still on the floor. When she lifted her head to look at me I saw a large hole in her forehead above her right eyebrow. It then started to bleed really badly down her face. (People aren't kidding when they say head wounds bleed really really bad!) She had been wearing a plastic beaded necklace when she fell and it had been the only thing to come between her head and the super hard floor of the store. I picked her up and ripped of the necklaces. I didn't have anything to help the bleeding so I lifted her sweater up and applied pressure to the wound. Luckily there was a woman in the isle to help me. We ran from the store calling Seth and telling him to meet us at the ER. Luckily the nice woman who helped me had a bandage to stop the bleeding while on my way to the hospital. It was so so sad. I called our doctor (Doctor Nelson) to see if he did stitches, which he did so we headed in. Our favorite Nurse (Nurse Brenda) met us at the door and helped get Hannah situated for Doc. Brenda got the ouchie cleaned and ready for Doc. However Doctor Nelson took one look at the wound and sent us down to the ER to have a plastic Surgeon take care of putting it back together. This hospital has a statue of Jesus with children. our little Hannah even in so much pain looked and said "there's Jesus" as we passed. She is so precious. So we got into the ER and then the plastic surgeon got her all numbed up and ready for stitches. They wrapped her in a white sheet and had Seth, myself and another nurse hold her down for the stitches. It was so painful to watch. Our little baby could see everything and screamed and screamed. It broke our hearts! She was so worn out and when the doctor said "alright we are done" Hannah said "Tank You" What a sweetie. I hope we never have to go through that again. Funny thing is that when we got home she wanted to put the necklaces right back on. A girl thru and thru! Hannah ended up with 6 stitches.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Hannah #2

Helping Momma make the cupcakes
Fun with Friends
Yummy Cupcakes


Yummy pizza
Hannah and Pappa
This year we invited a bunch of Hannah's friends to celebrate her 2nd birthday at Pump It Up. It has some super fun jumpy castles and slides. It was so much fun. Hannah loved it. It turned out to be a fun family outing for us. Nanna and Pappa came from Nevada and Moochelle and Chris came from Illinois. It made Hannah feel special to see all of her friends. Thanks to everyone who came. We had 2 hours of jumping fun and then had cup cakes and pizza. We are so grateful for our Hannah. She is so special and makes life so wonderful.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Little did Seth know when we had Hannah that he would be teaching her how to shave. Hannah will climb up on the toilet seat and watch Seth shave in the mornings. It is super cute to see how she wants to always be near him. A little Daddy's girl for sure. She will wait until he is done then ask " daddy shave me!" So Seth will turn the razor around and shave her little face. It is so sweet to see how she will hold really still and make the same facial expressions he makes while he is shaving.