Thursday, December 31, 2009

Butterflies and Friends

Today Hannah and I went to the Butterfly Pavilion with Regina and the kids ( Danovin and Ravianna) these kids are seriously cute! We had a really fun time. The kids kept running up and down a ramp to the gazebo. Hannah and Danovin have a super cute relationship. He is so sweet to Hannah. They are always wanting to hold hands and kiss. Then we found this fun overhang of bushes that the kids could hide behind. Hannah was a little apprehensive at first, but let me say that Little Ravianna is fearless and jumped right in. Then I see Danovin climbing under a bench and he invited Hannah to join. Of course Ravianna did not what to be left out and pushed her way in between them so she was sure not to miss anything.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Hannah has been asking Seth to build a snowman with her for the past couple of days. As it turns out the weather was perfect on Christmas day. They had so much fun together Hannah named the snowman Chillie.

Christmas Morning

Playing in the snow Christmas morning

The face! Mouth hanging open and all!

Playing with doll house and EleFun.

Christmas morning is so so much fun with a kiddo who understands what is going on. This is the first year that Hannah has been excited about Santa. We had her sleep in our room so she wouldn't see what Santa brought without us being able to see her face. When she woke up we told her to stay in the room while we went downstairs to see if Santa came. We turned the tree on then let her know that he had come and that she could come out and see. She ran out of the bedroom and her face was priceless!! I am so glad that we captured in a photo her mouth hanging open. She stood there just staring for a few minutes until we assured her that the toys were for her. Then she was down the stairs and loving everything.
Also I need to mention that a few days before Christmas Hannah told me that Santa was going to bring her the game EleFun. That that was the only thing she wanted. You should know that that was a new item to join the list for Santa to bring. Good thing he was on top of things! She told me that "Santa has my EleFun in hims sleigh" No worries when you are 2.
Later that evening we had dinner with Seth's parents. Grammie asked Hannah if Santa came to our house and she said, " yes , he came, I wasn't on the naughty list!"

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Hannah running around with her jammies on her Head! I love Christmas time and new jammies!

Brian and Alicya came over to spend Christmas Eve with us. We had dinner then decorated fun Christmas cookies that Brian made( super yummy). Then Brian and Alicya gave Hannah a sweet new sleeping bag. You can tell that we are not campers because Hannah had no idea that you get to climb inside. Aunt Alicya tried to show her how it was done. In the end Hannah really just wanted to lay on the top. Fun gift though!

Advent Calender

For the month of December we found this fun advent calender. It turns out the it stuck to our front door perfectly. Hannah loved it she would wake up every morning and say, " daddy we need to put a bumber (number) on!" she would get on his back and pick a new magnet to put over the date. It was really sweet to watch her and Seth have special time each morning.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Grammie (Paula) came over to watch Hannah for Seth's Christmas party. So when we get home we find the curtains in Hannah's room have been ripped out of the wall. Grammie said that Hannah had to go to her room for a time out when all of the sudden she heard a crash and Hannah ran out of the room saying, "help, oh no help" Grammie said she asked Hannah what happened and she said, "I don know" Sassy little Hannah was mad and took it out on the curtains.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I love my Daddy

Hannah is such a daddy's girl. Especially lately Hannah needs only her daddy. Whenever i ask her if she love me she says, "um, I love my daddy" way to avoid the question. Also Seth has to do everything. From wiping her after potty to getting cereal and water to reading stories. It is all about her daddy! It is actually really cute. She is devastated when he has to leave for work. I love that she loves her daddy!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hannah went down for a nap. I heard movement so I went to check it out. She had woken up decided to get dressed up. She was a bit grouchie so I only got the back view.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Making ornaments

Hannah and I had a fun time decorating the Christmas tree this year and making a new candy cane ornament. My Grandma Connie made us kids these cute beaded candy cane ornaments when we were little, so I decided that Hannah would enjoy. Which she did of course. Hers turned out super cute. It was so much fun to see her concentrating on making it just right. We love Christmas time!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hannah and Emery

We took some fun pictures of Hannah and Emery. They are so adorable!
Can you say so cute~ Look at those sweet cheeks!

Ward Christmas Party

Our ward had the funnest Christmas party this year. We all had to come dressed in Biblical clothing. We had to sign our family into a census and then we had blankets set up for our families to eat on. We went around to food stations and then settled in with our families for a nice presentation of the Nativity. My sister Amber and her super cute little girl Emery came out for the weekend. It was really nice to have them here!A fun family in our ward. The Bowens. Their costumes were great!

Aunt Alicya came with us.
Hannah loved her costume. She thought her scarf was really long pink hair.

Amber and Emery. Amber put a sheet on Emery as her headdress it worked so perfectly.

Giddy up

The pictures say it all!!


Hannah playing football with Brian, Alicya, and Suzi

While the Turkey was cooking Hannah and Pappa went outback to look through their telescopes. Hannah said she could see a panda at a waterfall. You have to love her imagination. It was cute to see her close one eye like her Pappa. This whole trip Hannah would say, "Pappa, Pappa, I love you really much" it was so cute.Hannah loves olives!!
Brian made the most wonderful apple pie. Just call him Martha Stewart :)

So fun to have Vera and Brent come to Thanksgiving
Pappa and his turkey. So happy he did the yucky part!

Thanksgiving this years was so much fun. We had a house full Nanna, Pappa, Suzi, Aunt Vera, Uncle Brent, Alicya, Brian, Grammie, Pappy, Uncle Nathan, and of course Seth, Hannah and Myself. It was so much fun. Pappa makes the best turkey. He used cheesecloth and it was so moist and wonderful. It was fun being in the kitchen and cooking a big meal with my dad for our family.