Saturday, June 20, 2009

Birthday party and Hospital

We went to Loveland Colorado to a birthday party for Hannah's friend Mariah Perez. The party was really fun. They rented a large blow-up water slide that Hannah couldn't seem to get enough of, she also discovered a love for a trampoline. We had a good time. When we were getting ready to leave I was packing up our bag when I realized that Hannah had gone upstairs to use the bathroom. I heard her call "Mommy!" and there was panic in her voice. I rounded the corner to see her at the top of the stairs with her hand held out to me. Her thumb was seriously cut and bleeding down her arm. I ran upstairs to find that then homeowner had left a pink razor blade (used for shaving legs) on the floor of the bathroom and Hannah thought it was a toy. So so sad!! It took over an hour to get the bleeding to stop and a trip to the Loveland ER to have it put back together with some medical glue. Needless to say I was not impressed. Turned out to be the most expensive birthday party we have ever attended.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hannah loved to play with our head lamps from trek

Nanna came out to watch Hannah while Seth and I went on the Pioneer Trek for our Stake. The Trek was so much fun. The spirit was so powerful as we walked where the pioneers walked. The weather very unpredictable. Which made the experience all the more meaningful. We had cold and rain and even got to see 3 tornadoes in the distance. We had the most wonder family who really loved each other and worked together without any complaining. Seth and I didn't know any of the kids who were in our family and through the entire experience we felt those specific kids were put in our family by inspiration. There was Kelsey, Kody, Kavika, Stephen, Nichole, and Curtis. They will all do wonderful things in life. It was so special to witness the growth in their testimonies as they served each other and followed the footsteps of those who came before. I hope that our children will all take the opportunity to go on trek.