Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had so much fun for Halloween. We went to Richland Washington to spend some time with Seth's sisters Heather and Megan and their families. The girls love spending time with their cousins. We all dressed up and out we went to get some yummy candy. Hannah was Rapunzel and Gabbie was a Flamingo( Hannah wore it a few years ago, Gabbie has a Pascal costume but it wasn't warm enough)
This one house is so so fun. They have a graveyard
I love these two girlies so so much.
This was Gabbies first door to Trick or Treat. She got her bag of chips? and then tried to let herself into the womans house.:) Im sure she was trying to look for the good candy. Who gives chips to trick or treaters?
By the end of the night Gabbie would shout "Trick or Treat! and she would always remember ("Tank You!)
Aunt Megan and Gabbie
(Left to right)Kaitlyn, Uncle Dan, Brevin, Aunt Megan, and Logan.
They had beautiful costumes. Brevin kept telling everyone " I'm Patchie the Pirate" it was so cute.
Isaac. He kept scaring the little kids :( Not Gabbie though. She loved it.
Seriously:) Uncle Jason doesn't love dressing up so he really outdid himself this year. Aunt Heather said he was a victorian vampire but seth said he looked more like a pimp. It was so fun!
Hannah and Marah. Hannah looks up to Marah so much. They really love each other. On the drive to Aunt Megans house Hannah said, " Marah you are my cousin and my Best freind."

So this whole trip Gabbie has cried and run away whenever she has seen Uncle Dan. Then he put on his mask and she loved him. Funny how kids think:)

No words!
Gabbie ended the night riding in the stroller and eating her candy. This is the Life!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Trunk or Treat

The Trunk or Treat at the Church was fun. Hannah Dressed as Rapunzel, Gabbie was Pascal and Seth was a foreign exchange student. They had a fun time Hannah went to every car a few times and Gabbie had a good time until a teenager who wasn't watching ran into her and gave her a huge goose egg and a fat lip. She was alright after a piece of candy:)

Ethan and Gabbie (three days apart)
Gabbie and Eve.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Enjoying the Summer

We have had so much fun this summer. The weather has been nice and Hot and we have had some really great times with friends. We have spent many days wandering around the zoo. Hannah has just this year discovered how fun the zoo map is and she directs us to the animals she wants to see. When there we always try to find time to go to visit the Lorikeet Adventure. Here you can buy some nectar and feed the birds. Hannah loves every minute, and well, Gabbie just chases the birds around the exhibit:)
Here Hannah is feeding a Lorikeet and below Gabbie is enjoying her ride on the Carousel.
These next pictures were taken at the Denver Aquarium with the Burtons. The last picture should be first. I snapped a picture of just Hannah, Ashlyn and Hayden and then Henry wanted in on the photo op. It makes me laugh to see how Hannah's legs fell clear back. This family is Awesome. I love that the kids all love each other and NEVER fight. It is so refreshing.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Break Through!

So I don't have a picture of the amazing break through but I will get one next time we go to the pool, but I wanted to get this on here so I don't forget it. Hannah has really been enjoying swimming lessons this summer. She was first in the Guppies with Mariah, and then moved to Preschool 1 or Starfish with Jeff. I think it is too cute because Jeff is a University student home for the summer and Hannah says she thinks he is really handsome:) Maybe that has helped her learn so fast. So at the start of this session Hannah was timid and a little fearful of the water and breathing while truing to swim and floating. Well we were on the last lesson of this class and Hannah was still only laying on her back and floating for maybe 1-3 second before you would see a panic in her eyes and she would begin to sink and Jeff would need to grab her. He was trying to teach her to push off from the wall of the pool and float by herself. They right before the end of class he asked her to try one more time. She did it!!!! Not only a few arm strokes before sinking she made it the entire length of the pool, by herself with no help! I couldn't believe it she was floating and breathing and smiling, all the while doing "Chicken, Airplane, Soldier" When she made it to the side I heard her tell Jeff, " I did it! I really did it!" She went across the pool by herself one more time, and I was so proud I might have even teared up a bit:) THANK YOU JEFF!!!!!! It was really special to see her AHHA moment. When we got to the car she said, "Mom, I'm really proud of myself!" It was so sweet! I hope that She will always look back and remember that hard work, practice, faith and courage go a long way!

Sleeping Beauties

So I absolutely love sleeping pictures of the girls. They are so beautiful! I love how long and lush her eyelashes are. Certainly she got those from her Daddy and not her Mom. She really is a little princess!Now this little Lovin is something sweet. She has this new habit of sticking her legs through the crib bars while she sleeps. Whenever I go to check on her I move her back to the normal position in the middle of the bed. Then without fail she turns herself around and sticks her legs through the bars. So funny this one:)


Mosquito bites are the very worst! They itch like crazy and they swell up and are not fun. When coming out of church Hannah decided to take the scenic route through the grass to the car. When she got in I notice a little bump right under her eye. I told her not to itch it. This picture was taken Monday morning. So much for not itching:(

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Catching Up Continued (Gabbie)

Gabbie: So where to start with this little Lovin! She is so so funny. She is a happy girl. She is all over the place. We now have to put the chairs up on a large table to keep her from climbing and pushing them around the kitchen to get into anything out of reach. And most of it is out of reach for a reason. She loves the swings at the park! lets just say that we always have tears when it is time to leave.
She laughs at everything, and she has the cutest deep laugh. He favorite word is "This" she will point to things and say, "this" then shake her head no as we point to everything in the area. It its an awesome game (not)! She Can say Hannah, Mom, Hi Dad, nose, bup (up), tank you, and other little words, she also barks like a really high pitched dog and Seth taught her how to Baa like a sheep. And she gives the sweetest kisses:)
Gabbie is a joy she makes everyone happy. She has a smile that can change anyones day and is our little love!
whenever we get into the car she takes both shoes off and pulls her feet up to pick out her toe lint. So weird, as you can tell form the picture she is really into it.
She discovered McDonalds ice cream cones this summer and loves every messy moment.
And my oh my do we go through some serious popsicles in the Ludwig home. We love summer time and white onesies!

Catching Up (Hannah)

So I think it is about time to catch up on blogging and keeping our families on the fun and silly things our girlies do.
Hannah: So this little Tater always has us laughing. She is such a sweet little tender girl, but oh the sense of humor she has:) She has finished her first season of dancing. She took Ballet and Tap. You can tell that ballet is the dance she loves the most:) She is such a pretty dancer and always listens to her teacher so she can learn alot.
She is a really hard worker and is also a very good friend. She has made some really good friends over the last little while (Kaitlyn, Ashlyn, Zasha, Glori, and Courtney) to name a few. These girls play so well together and never fight so that makes a momma happy.
This year she has been memorizing the Articles of Faith and has now learned 7 of them word for word. She is such a special little one. The other day we had a man come over to replace our water heater. We invited him to church with us and when he asked what church we go to Hannah quickly said, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints" We were so proud of her that she knew and also that she was a little missionary. She is always eager to share her testimony with everyone especially Gabbie.
She still loves all of the Disney Princesses her favorite being (Sleeping Beauty).
She is a super great big sister. She is always looking out for Gabbie and can make her laugh in a second. All in all Hannah is wonderful and makes our lives so happy:)

So the other day it was really quiet so I wen t looking for Hannah and this is what I found. She was reading a Betty Crocker cook book while on then potty. Awesome!
This is right before her first dance recital. She was so excited to get her hair curled (well after she learned that it doesn't last forever. she was a little worried that it would make her hair shorter and that it would never come out) and to wear a bit of make up.
Here she put two little balloons under her dress and came over to us and said " look I have huge boobies" and then giggled for about 10 min.

Friday, March 4, 2011

These smiles say exactly how I feel.
Extremely Happy!

Our Tater

I am always giving monthly updates on Gabbie so I felt it was about time for an update on our little Tater. Hannah is such a little sweetie! I can not get enough of her! She is loving preschool and dance. One of her preschool teachers (Mrs Gordon) told Seth when he went to pick up Hannah that "I just love talking to Hannah! It is as though I am having a conversation with a 20 year old." Tater always has a story to tell and it is fun to hear he use words like hilarious and fabulous and especially( and she uses those words correctly). Just makes this mommas heart happy. She can always make Gabbie laugh and loves her some fruit snacks (gets this from her daddy). She can't wait for her Dad to come home from work and when he does they play their daily game of hide and seek. Hannah is getting really good. Hannah loves primary and is learning the songs for this year. She also began in November learning the Articles of Faith and has successfully memorized word for word 1-5 and is working on #6 She also memorized Moses 1:39. This little girl has an amazing memory! She is always dancing around the house and is so so happy! We feel extremely blessed to have her as part of our family! We all love her more that life!


This picture proves that a child can and will fall asleep anywhere. I am so glad that Seth was able to snap a picture of our sleeping Tater before she fell of into the crack between the couch and the wall. Kids are awesome!
A good friend Julie Feltwell, made these super cute outfits for the girls! She is amazing! The girls looked so so cute!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gabbie is 11 Months old

Seriously could this little girl get any cuter? I think not!! So the other day someone asked me how old Gabbie was and I found myself saying "she is 10 months old" What? did the entire last month slip past me? How can my baby almost be one? Gabbie is 20 lbs, still only has the 8 teeth (4 up and 4 down), the prettiest blue eyes that just shine and a super fun personality. Right now she is our little garbage kid. If there is garbage around you can bet she will find it and put in it her mouth. So so yucky! She is only walking now and loves to go up and down the stairs if only she could figure out that she can't just walk off the top one, luckily we have always been there to catch her. Silly kid. Hannah is her hero and she is just now getting over the "I only have eyes for my momma" stage. She now loves to cuddle her Dadddy, it is so cute. when Seth gets home from work Gabbie says, "Hi Dad"! So sweet. She loves to pat your back every time you pick her up and i do mean every time. She thinks it is too cool to spit :( and just loves to be surrounded by people at all times. And WE LOVE HER!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gabbie is Ten Months Old

Ok so this little lovin is so so much fun! Gabbie makes everyone she meets so happy. She is always smiling and is always making the funniest faces. She is standing on her own and walking all over holding on the furniture. It is fun for us to see her "big" personality developing. She has 8 super cute teeth. I could just kiss her little cheeks all day long. She follows Hannah everywhere and wants to be just like her. She still refuses to eat any baby food. This momma is grateful for fresh fruits and veggies, crackers, rice and noodles. What a silly kid. She is such a little light and we are grateful she is part of our family!

Gabbie sits like this all day long. With one leg kicked out like a kick stand and the other pinned up under her bum. Sometimes when crawling isn't fast enough for her she will kick that one leg forward mid craw to propel herself along faster:) Sure do love her guts!