Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gabbie is 11 Months old

Seriously could this little girl get any cuter? I think not!! So the other day someone asked me how old Gabbie was and I found myself saying "she is 10 months old" What? did the entire last month slip past me? How can my baby almost be one? Gabbie is 20 lbs, still only has the 8 teeth (4 up and 4 down), the prettiest blue eyes that just shine and a super fun personality. Right now she is our little garbage kid. If there is garbage around you can bet she will find it and put in it her mouth. So so yucky! She is only walking now and loves to go up and down the stairs if only she could figure out that she can't just walk off the top one, luckily we have always been there to catch her. Silly kid. Hannah is her hero and she is just now getting over the "I only have eyes for my momma" stage. She now loves to cuddle her Dadddy, it is so cute. when Seth gets home from work Gabbie says, "Hi Dad"! So sweet. She loves to pat your back every time you pick her up and i do mean every time. She thinks it is too cool to spit :( and just loves to be surrounded by people at all times. And WE LOVE HER!