Monday, December 20, 2010

Cookies with Grammie

Every year around Christmas time Grammie makes the most delicious Christmas cookies. and this year Hannah was able to help a little. It was so sweet to she Hannah and her Grammie. Our little baker.
I love that Tater doesn't have pants on in this picture. Priceless.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Dresses

The Girls looked so cute in their Christmas Dresses. I was in such a hurry that I neglected to take pictures until Gab had had enough, but they are still so cute. Also my little Hannah is getting so beautiful. What a little princess.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mrs Carrie

Hannah is loving her dance class! She has the neatest teacher, Mrs. Carrie. She has really taken our little Tater under her wing and just loves her. Hannah has so much fun and is making a lot of new friends. Hannah is developing great social skills between dance class and pre-school. I am grateful for diligent teachers.

Gab is 9 Months

This little sweet lovin makes my heart so happy. So Gab is now standing on her very own without holding on it is so cute and she gets so very proud of herself. Her little smile can light up anybodies day. She is such a great baby. She sleeps between 12-13 hours a night and ha 2 really good naps during the day. She is excited by animals and loves to be held. Her eyes are such a beautiful shade of blue. She really makes our hearts happy when we go into her room after a nap or bed time and she is jumping up and down and smiling so big. She can also say Momma (she mainly says this when she is sad and needs a snuggle) and she says "Dad" and it is super high pitched and so cute. She can also say "HI" it is so amazing how fast they grow. It seems just a short time ago when we were bringing her home. We love love love her!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Ducks vs Geese

I have been terrible at keeping up on the blog so I will have some serious updating to old. These pictures are from summer but just too sweet to keep out.
After school in mid September I took the girls to the park by the Broomfield library. They have this wonderful pond that have super cute ducklings. We have been going there for some time so Hannah has watched these little ones grow. She loves to bring bread and feed then. I have always known that Tater has a tender heart, but today I could really see it. It began as a fun day feeding the ducks and then...
The Canadian Geese showed up...those mean ol geese started to chase off Hannah's little ducks and eat all of the bread. They would honk loudly and then when a duck would get too close to some food they would bite their little duck tails:(
As you can see my little sweet Tater had a melt down. She tried yelling at the geese to go away, but no luck. So she just cried and cried. It was so sweet to see how much she cared for those little ducks.
I know Im a good mom to capture the whole thing on the camera. Guess she doesn't get being sensitive from me:( I love her little personality. She really is so so sweet.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Love my little Denver Bronco Fans!!
Seth is a Huge Denver Bronco fan. I mean die hard. He follows them even when they have a horrible season (like this year!) He sometimes wont let me watch because I think it is just a game either way and he thinks my attitude will jinks them. So funny. Well he is passing on his love for the game to his little girlies. The other day Hannah came downstairs and said, " Dad, can we watch some football?" What a proud Daddy.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gab is 8 Months Old

So our little Gab is getting so big. She is crawling all over and is always into everything. She loves to be with Hannah and has 5 teeth. Also something that is interesting, funny and frustrating at the same time is that this little sweetie will not eat baby food!! We have tried everything and the result is always the same. We put the first bite in her mouth, then she will immediately put her fingers in her mouth and scrape out the food and flick it on the ground. Awesome I know. So her favorite foods right now are boiled noodles, blueberries, cheerios, and frozen peas. Sure makes meal times interesting.
On a serious note we love this little girl so much!!! She makes life so happy and we are so grateful for her!
This is one of her favorite ways to be carried by her daddy.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just thought that I should get updated on here. These are a few of the funny moments the past month with the girls.
I left the girlies with their daddy and come home to find Gab stuffed in a shopping cart. They all looked like they were having a blast. Especially Gab.
Gabbie got a happy little surprise at the end of her nap as her Hannah sister climbed in to say hello:)
Princess Hannah has been making "cars" lately and going on trips to the mountains she says. She decided to make Gabbie a spot in this car made of chairs on the couch. we sure love these girls.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkins, Apple Pie, and Costume Fun

Warning, Warning, Warning. There is a ton of photos to follow. We had so so much fun with Family this Halloween in Washington! I think we are going to make it a yearly trip. Halloween day started out so fun with pumpkin carving.
Uncle Jason and Marah
Nice Heather Nice!
All for one and one for all. Ew
Hannah and Daddy carved her pumpkin this year. It was so cute to see Hannah give directions on exactly what she wanted it to look like.

The finished products:)
Marah learned how to make the most delicious apple pie from Aunt Megan. Yum
All of the next pictures are the fun trick or treat times. I have to say that the people in Washington sure know how to decorate.
These ghosts in some guys window were amazing they moved and were so creepy.
An I must add that I married the greatest guy ever. He is so much fun.

Here is the trick or treating crew.

Thanks to Marah who was the best cousin ever and really made Hannah's Halloween the best ever!

This is Dan. I don't think there is anything left to say:)
Gab loved every minute of this. Silly Dad

Saturday, October 30, 2010


For Halloween this year we spent some time in Washington with Seth's sisters and their families. We love Family!!!
Gabbie and Marah
Gabbie and Brevin
Hannah and Kaitlyn
Logan and Isaac
The new besties Hannah and Marah. Hannah loved every moment with Marah. She followed her around EVERYWHERE!!
He thought he was too cool to smile showing his awesome braces, but we caught a real smile:)
We sure love all of these kids so much and enjoyed our time so much!