Saturday, January 30, 2010

Desperate For Summer

We are all wishing and waiting for summer, but none more so than Tater. I came downstairs this morning to find this! Can I really say anything else:) Thank goodness for an active imagination.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hannah and Momma time

On the way to see the reptiles Hannah was excited to see the seals. She loved the breathing sound they made when they would come up for air and has now been copying it for the past two days. The reptiles were fun we got to see fun fish and a ton of snakes, some bats and two alligators (which are not her favorite). Then she got to see the Komodo Dragons(these were her favorite!) We had such a fun day! I love spending time with my little Tater! She is so much fun to be around. On the way out of the Zoo we were passing by the lion habitat, I could tell she was tired because she stayed in the stroller and told the lions, "we are going home because the sun is in my eyes, but we will come again" She is so cool!

We then made our way over to then reptile house/habitat. It was a bit cold so we mad sure to bundle Tater up for the trip between the two buildings. It was so fun to see her all smiles and so excited to be enjoying the time outside!

So I have been sick for the past two weeks and then I separated a couple of ribs so we have been hibernating at our house trying to get well. So you can imaging how stir crazy Hannah and I have been. I have been told by my doctor to lay low and try to get through the next 7 weeks until this baby gets here. It has been hard on me to be cooped up, but I know it must have been so hard on Hannah. She is such a sweet nurturing little girl that she just tries to take care of me. I love her so so much. So we had a doctor appointment this Wednesday the 27th. My doctors office is right by the zoo so even though it was only 45 degrees out I decided that she needed a little special Hannah and momma fun time. Our Zoo is great because it has Bird world (indoors) and the reptile exhibit (indoors). So we ate lunch at the zoo then went to see the birds. She was so excited because on then way to the birds she saw the Hippos, Elephants, and the Cheetah. I loved that we were there just the two of us together because she had my full attention and there were only a handful of people there that day! No Crowds!!! Bird world was wonderfully warm and we had a wonderful time!

The Biggest Loser

We were driving home from dinner the other night and Seth said, "The Biggest Loser is on tonight." Then from the back of the car we hear Hannah say, " Dad you are a fat loser" Priceless! We laughed and laughed. She says the funniest things sometimes. What a proud moment.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Uncle Brian

Aunt Alicya and Uncle Brian came over to watch Hannah tonight. While we were waiting for Seth to get home Hannah was doing some drawing with her Uncle Brian, whom she loves so so much. They drew some flowers and bees and a rainbow. Then Hannah drew a little line at the bottom of the picture and told Brian that it was the mud. So Brian drew a line that was almost identical to Hannah's and asked if he did good mud. Hannah said, "that's terrible mud! You have to draw it like this." And up went a second line. It was so funny. Who knew that drawing mud would be so hard.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Seth always has this yellow tape laying around from when he uses it for a soccer wrap. Today I found Hannah playing Doctor to her little puppy. I love that she has such a vivid imagination! You should know that the puppies name is "black" even though it has brown spots. Kids name animals the coolest things.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Daddy

Hannah was busy at work drawing. After she finished she came and showed me. it was so cute she said, "look I drew my daddy, here is his head and that is hims watch." I thought that it was wonderful for a 2 year old. and she was so proud that she made it all by herself. She then ran upstairs to show her daddy. The excitement was priceless!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Baby Boy

My brother R.B and his wife Elisha had a new baby boy. They named him Evan Bert Rhodes. Such a cute name! Anyways I had made the decision the I was not going to fly to Las Vegas when he was born because I am super pregnant and uncomfortable, but that all changed when my dad texted me a picture of this little cutie! He is so cute I just wanted to smooch his little face off. I showed Seth the picture and he said that I had better make the trip so I didn't regret no getting to see him till he is older. I am so glad that I flew out! Evan is such a sweet kid. They called me his tranquilizer because he would snuggle in and sleep through anything. He has such a sweet spiritabout him. Rb and Elisha are very good parents it was fun to see them in action.