Friday, September 18, 2009

Mission Reunion

This weekend we traveled to Provo Utah as a family for our mission reunion. We took it really easy and only drove half way there the first night so we could relax and enjoy ourselves. We stopped in Grand Junction, Colorado for the night. Seth got us a room at the Double Tree Hotel for the night. It was really nice. Because we go there around 8 pm we decided to just order room service instead of going out. It was so much fun we all sat on the floor and ate our dinner. It was like a slumber party. Hannah had so much fun. The next morning she woke us up ad said ok it's time to go back home. She is so cute, she thought that we drove all that way to sleep over and then go home.
Once in Provo we met up with Heath and Rebecca Westfall and their kids for dinner and then they took us on a super fun tour of the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. Hannah loved it all.
We were then able to meet with some of the missionaries we served with in Ontario and Elder and Sister Sybrowsky. They are so inspiring. Sister Sybrowsky talked about making the time for daily scripture study and how it is a decision you need to make and then do it. That time is not just going to appear, but that I need to make it. It is so true.