Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Break Through!

So I don't have a picture of the amazing break through but I will get one next time we go to the pool, but I wanted to get this on here so I don't forget it. Hannah has really been enjoying swimming lessons this summer. She was first in the Guppies with Mariah, and then moved to Preschool 1 or Starfish with Jeff. I think it is too cute because Jeff is a University student home for the summer and Hannah says she thinks he is really handsome:) Maybe that has helped her learn so fast. So at the start of this session Hannah was timid and a little fearful of the water and breathing while truing to swim and floating. Well we were on the last lesson of this class and Hannah was still only laying on her back and floating for maybe 1-3 second before you would see a panic in her eyes and she would begin to sink and Jeff would need to grab her. He was trying to teach her to push off from the wall of the pool and float by herself. They right before the end of class he asked her to try one more time. She did it!!!! Not only a few arm strokes before sinking she made it the entire length of the pool, by herself with no help! I couldn't believe it she was floating and breathing and smiling, all the while doing "Chicken, Airplane, Soldier" When she made it to the side I heard her tell Jeff, " I did it! I really did it!" She went across the pool by herself one more time, and I was so proud I might have even teared up a bit:) THANK YOU JEFF!!!!!! It was really special to see her AHHA moment. When we got to the car she said, "Mom, I'm really proud of myself!" It was so sweet! I hope that She will always look back and remember that hard work, practice, faith and courage go a long way!

Sleeping Beauties

So I absolutely love sleeping pictures of the girls. They are so beautiful! I love how long and lush her eyelashes are. Certainly she got those from her Daddy and not her Mom. She really is a little princess!Now this little Lovin is something sweet. She has this new habit of sticking her legs through the crib bars while she sleeps. Whenever I go to check on her I move her back to the normal position in the middle of the bed. Then without fail she turns herself around and sticks her legs through the bars. So funny this one:)


Mosquito bites are the very worst! They itch like crazy and they swell up and are not fun. When coming out of church Hannah decided to take the scenic route through the grass to the car. When she got in I notice a little bump right under her eye. I told her not to itch it. This picture was taken Monday morning. So much for not itching:(