Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had so much fun for Halloween. We went to Richland Washington to spend some time with Seth's sisters Heather and Megan and their families. The girls love spending time with their cousins. We all dressed up and out we went to get some yummy candy. Hannah was Rapunzel and Gabbie was a Flamingo( Hannah wore it a few years ago, Gabbie has a Pascal costume but it wasn't warm enough)
This one house is so so fun. They have a graveyard
I love these two girlies so so much.
This was Gabbies first door to Trick or Treat. She got her bag of chips? and then tried to let herself into the womans house.:) Im sure she was trying to look for the good candy. Who gives chips to trick or treaters?
By the end of the night Gabbie would shout "Trick or Treat! and she would always remember ("Tank You!)
Aunt Megan and Gabbie
(Left to right)Kaitlyn, Uncle Dan, Brevin, Aunt Megan, and Logan.
They had beautiful costumes. Brevin kept telling everyone " I'm Patchie the Pirate" it was so cute.
Isaac. He kept scaring the little kids :( Not Gabbie though. She loved it.
Seriously:) Uncle Jason doesn't love dressing up so he really outdid himself this year. Aunt Heather said he was a victorian vampire but seth said he looked more like a pimp. It was so fun!
Hannah and Marah. Hannah looks up to Marah so much. They really love each other. On the drive to Aunt Megans house Hannah said, " Marah you are my cousin and my Best freind."

So this whole trip Gabbie has cried and run away whenever she has seen Uncle Dan. Then he put on his mask and she loved him. Funny how kids think:)

No words!
Gabbie ended the night riding in the stroller and eating her candy. This is the Life!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Trunk or Treat

The Trunk or Treat at the Church was fun. Hannah Dressed as Rapunzel, Gabbie was Pascal and Seth was a foreign exchange student. They had a fun time Hannah went to every car a few times and Gabbie had a good time until a teenager who wasn't watching ran into her and gave her a huge goose egg and a fat lip. She was alright after a piece of candy:)

Ethan and Gabbie (three days apart)
Gabbie and Eve.