Saturday, June 20, 2009

Birthday party and Hospital

We went to Loveland Colorado to a birthday party for Hannah's friend Mariah Perez. The party was really fun. They rented a large blow-up water slide that Hannah couldn't seem to get enough of, she also discovered a love for a trampoline. We had a good time. When we were getting ready to leave I was packing up our bag when I realized that Hannah had gone upstairs to use the bathroom. I heard her call "Mommy!" and there was panic in her voice. I rounded the corner to see her at the top of the stairs with her hand held out to me. Her thumb was seriously cut and bleeding down her arm. I ran upstairs to find that then homeowner had left a pink razor blade (used for shaving legs) on the floor of the bathroom and Hannah thought it was a toy. So so sad!! It took over an hour to get the bleeding to stop and a trip to the Loveland ER to have it put back together with some medical glue. Needless to say I was not impressed. Turned out to be the most expensive birthday party we have ever attended.

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