Sunday, November 8, 2009


Seth stayed home with Hannah while I went to book club on Thursday this week. I could tell there had been some excitement when I arrived home by the look on Seth's face. He told me that he had gone upstairs to see Hannah in a princess dress up squatting and taking a pee on the floor. He told her that we do not pee on the floor, and to confirm his point he said doggies pee on the floor, she said "no daddy, doggies pee on the grass outside." Then as she was in the bathroom getting cleaned up he told her again that we don't pee on floors. She said, "I peed because you yelled at me..." He said, "I yelled because you peed." She has such a mind of her own and really keeps us on our toes and laughing.


  1. that is classic! and, another reason i am waiting to potty train sela, no rush on our fourth child! i've already cleaned enough "accidents" in my life...

  2. Ugh! Nothing like fun little accidents! But, some seriously smart arguing on her end:)