Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I love fall

So all the snow we had melted and we have had 70 degree weather so everything has had time to dry out which means we could get to raking all of the leafs out of the back yard. Hannah had so much fun jumping and hiding in the leafs.


After digging in the dessert I found Hannah had climbed up on the counter and had her head in the sink getting a drink.


Good thing it still tastes the same! Yummy
Free commercial for Sara Lee

Hannah and I went to the store to buy bread. Hannah was sitting in the back of the cart, but decided to stand up in the cart. I asked her to sit down because I didn't want her to fall out and get hurt. Hannah of course said "NO" I asked her again to sit. She got angry and said, "No and I'm going to stomp." I didn't realize what she meant until she started to jump up and down on my loaf of bread until it was all smashed. All I had to say was "Hannah" and she sat down and said "Sorry" I couldn't do anything but laugh. At the check out counter the lady asked if I would like to exchange my bread. I didn't of course. Silly little girl.

Monday, November 9, 2009

A New Sister For Hannah

We had our 20 week ultrasound this morning. It was so fun to have Hannah experience it with Seth and I. We went into the room and our doctor has a new office so instead of just the little computer screen they had a big screen up on the wall for us all to watch every little thing. It was so special to see the little baby. We found out that it is a little girl. When we told Hannah she said, " I know, it's baby Gabbie." She has been telling us that it was a little girl since we told her we were going to have a baby. The ultrasound tec put two pictures up on the screen at once and Hannah said, "there are two babies?" We had to explain that one. She really paid attention to the whole thing. It was really special.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Seth stayed home with Hannah while I went to book club on Thursday this week. I could tell there had been some excitement when I arrived home by the look on Seth's face. He told me that he had gone upstairs to see Hannah in a princess dress up squatting and taking a pee on the floor. He told her that we do not pee on the floor, and to confirm his point he said doggies pee on the floor, she said "no daddy, doggies pee on the grass outside." Then as she was in the bathroom getting cleaned up he told her again that we don't pee on floors. She said, "I peed because you yelled at me..." He said, "I yelled because you peed." She has such a mind of her own and really keeps us on our toes and laughing.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A pet for the Ludwig Family

Seth feeding Mr. Squirrel from his mouth.He made himself at home on Seth's lap.
Mr. Squirrel with his prize
Mooshelle and Hannah feeding Mr. Squirrel :)

Hannah and Seth are constantly after me to let them have a dog. So far I have stood my ground. However we do have a pet squirrel . Hannah calls him Mr. Squirrel. It is the funniest thing he comes when he hears her voice. She always gives him peanuts. So our friend Mooshelle (Michelle) was over today and it was so nice out so guess who came for his peanuts. He is really gentle and takes them right from our hands. I dared Seth to feed him from his mouth it was so funny.


And she is out for the count!
"I'm getting a little tired" she says
Trick-or Treat
Ariel(Riley), Cinderella(Payton), and Minnie Mouse(Hannah)
Hannah and her Daddy!

We went to dinner at Grammie's house before trick-or-treating on Halloween. Hannah was so excited and goofy! I sure love that girl! Alicya and Brian came with us, then we met up with friends, Jace, Jody, and their girls Riley and Payton. I would have thought that the hit of the night would have been getting the candy, although they did get their share and Hannah went in for handfuls when the people put the candy bowls down low. She did say thank you though. The actual hit of the night was the fighting to see who could ring the door bell. All three girls would race to the door and push through for the coveted position. It was so funny and we did have some tears before the night was over. All that said we had a wonderful time.

Hannah, Ashlyn Burton, and Emily Rogers

Hannah has spent about 3 hours a day in her costume for the past two weeks.

Halloween this year was so fun. It was exciting to see Hannah really enjoy herself and know what to do. On Friday night we had the ward Trunk-or-Treat. Hannah had fun with some little friends. Hannah had wanted to be Ariel from the Little Mermaid for the longest time, but when it came down to the costume she said no. We spent about a hour in the Disney store looking for just the right costume. The last little isle we came to had the Minnie Mouse stuff. You would have thought we struck gold. She jumped up and down and said, "titty mouse the peant one!" So there you have it I was happy that everything was on SALE. When getting ready Hannah told me, "you can paint my nose mom"