Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gab is 8 Months Old

So our little Gab is getting so big. She is crawling all over and is always into everything. She loves to be with Hannah and has 5 teeth. Also something that is interesting, funny and frustrating at the same time is that this little sweetie will not eat baby food!! We have tried everything and the result is always the same. We put the first bite in her mouth, then she will immediately put her fingers in her mouth and scrape out the food and flick it on the ground. Awesome I know. So her favorite foods right now are boiled noodles, blueberries, cheerios, and frozen peas. Sure makes meal times interesting.
On a serious note we love this little girl so much!!! She makes life so happy and we are so grateful for her!
This is one of her favorite ways to be carried by her daddy.

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