Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Baby Boy

My brother R.B and his wife Elisha had a new baby boy. They named him Evan Bert Rhodes. Such a cute name! Anyways I had made the decision the I was not going to fly to Las Vegas when he was born because I am super pregnant and uncomfortable, but that all changed when my dad texted me a picture of this little cutie! He is so cute I just wanted to smooch his little face off. I showed Seth the picture and he said that I had better make the trip so I didn't regret no getting to see him till he is older. I am so glad that I flew out! Evan is such a sweet kid. They called me his tranquilizer because he would snuggle in and sleep through anything. He has such a sweet spiritabout him. Rb and Elisha are very good parents it was fun to see them in action.


  1. Oh my goodness, he is beautiful. I want to eat him up! Congrats to RB!! You look great too:)

  2. Little Evan looks just like his cute!