Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gab is 7 Month

I cannot believe that our Gabbie is 7 months old. She is so so much fun. She still likes everyone she meets and she now has her 2 bottom teeth. Good thing she get to be a pumpkin for Halloween. She is sitting up all by herself and really trying to get up on all fours. She is loving to eat other things besides plain ol boring rice cereal and formula. Her favorite so far is squash and sweet potatoes. She could care less for any of the green stuff and only sort of likes the sweet fruits. She is eating Cheerios :) Happy day! She sleeps great through the night and is now weighing in just over 15 lbs. We have found her skin to be super sensitive and only unsentedbaby Aveeno works. Darn no yummy smelling lotions for our Gab. We are so so grateful that she is ours! Oh she also adores her big sis Hannah. The really big smiles come out when Hannah is around and Hannah is really able to get the big belly laughs:)
Right now she is always sticking out her tongue. It is so cute and always makes me happy. I think she got that from her Pappa.

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  1. That little Gabbie is so cute! I love the huge smiles that she has in just about every picture that I see of her. I wish we lived closer so I could see your family all the time. Love ya!