Sunday, September 4, 2011

Enjoying the Summer

We have had so much fun this summer. The weather has been nice and Hot and we have had some really great times with friends. We have spent many days wandering around the zoo. Hannah has just this year discovered how fun the zoo map is and she directs us to the animals she wants to see. When there we always try to find time to go to visit the Lorikeet Adventure. Here you can buy some nectar and feed the birds. Hannah loves every minute, and well, Gabbie just chases the birds around the exhibit:)
Here Hannah is feeding a Lorikeet and below Gabbie is enjoying her ride on the Carousel.
These next pictures were taken at the Denver Aquarium with the Burtons. The last picture should be first. I snapped a picture of just Hannah, Ashlyn and Hayden and then Henry wanted in on the photo op. It makes me laugh to see how Hannah's legs fell clear back. This family is Awesome. I love that the kids all love each other and NEVER fight. It is so refreshing.

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