Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I can't believe the amount of snow, and before Halloween too. Hannah went out while Seth shoveled this evening. She had so much fun hopping like a bunny and eating the snow. I love that she can really enjoy snow this year!

Hannah's choice of winter clothing!

We had the first snow of the year. It started snowing last night and has continued throughout the day. This morning I told Hannah to go get some warm clothes on because it was going to be a cold day. This is what she came downstairs in


  1. LEXY!!!! I'm so excited you joined the blogging world. Your family is so adorable and I'm excited to get to peek in on you! I miss you terribly!
    I can't believe you got so much snow already. I'm glad you can enjoy it. I would go into hibernation:) I'm still pouting that we can't hang out at the pool all day anymore! Anyway, keep in touch. Our blog is
    luv ya!

  2. We got a little snow, but nothing like that. The swimsuit is something Iris would do too. Amazing how alike they are.