Friday, October 30, 2009

Regina and Ravina. Ravina was not a fan. Too cold
Dan and Danovin. I can't believe Danovin is only 6 months older than Hannah. He was a champ!
Family Fun

We took Hannah sledding for the first time today with Regina, Dan, Danovin, and Ravina. She has loved playing in the snow so we thought that it would be something else that she would enjoy. She looked so cute all bundled up and ready to go. It was exciting until the sled started down the hill. Because the snow was still so new it blasted her in the face the entire way down the hill. She said, "it freezed my face" then when we were packed up ready to go Seth asked her if she had at least a little fun and she said, " No No it was awful, I need warm water to wash my hands." It was so funny. She sure has a mind of her own.
Luckily I got great pictures, Danovin loved it though. We ended up getting 22 inches! I love Colorado!


  1. Wow! We had 70 degree weather today. Crazy to think it was in the 30's earlier this week. Crazy Nevada weather.

  2. Wow!! That's ALOT of snow!!! Glad you love it! And such cute pics. Too funny about Hannah and needing warm girl!