Saturday, July 31, 2010

Colorado Cares Day

As a ward we all went out the the Metzger Farm (over 140 acres) to help clean it up and serve in the community. Seth and I felt that it was important to take Hannah along so she could learn the importance of service and how as you serve the spirit helps you to be happy.
This was before we left the house and were still clean
The fun Mormon Helping Hands shirts we got to wear. We all feel so proud to be a member of the Church.
Little Tater looks ready to go. She had to have gloves like her Momma and Daddy. We looked all over for the smallest pair we could find. They were still way too big, but she loved them.
Hannah and her Daddy!
This is Hannah with Brother Mathias from our ward. She loves him so much. They always make a point to seek each other out and get a snuggle. They have a special connection. It is so cute.
Tater looking for the (bad) not native to Colorado weeds. She did such a good job.
All Done. We all had such a great time it was a beautiful day. Hannah did amazing. We were out in the heat pulling weeds for 3 hours and she didn't complain once. She continued to say "we are serving and service makes us happy!" What a great little server!

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