Wednesday, July 28, 2010


These are some cute pictures from the past two week of the girls that were too cute to leave out. I smile whenever I think of these two special girls.
I had gone downstairs for a minute. When I came back to our room Hannah had maneuvered Gabbie to be in her lap. And they were both too Happy
We think she is a little too big for Gabbies car seat, but we are always finding her playing in it.
Cute little belly button

Both Girls fell asleep watching cartoons. I know, I know Hannah is getting too big for a binkie, but I haven't wanted to take on that battle yet.
Gab was just too tired to keep her little eyes open
No words to describe:)


  1. Ahhhh... They are SO cute! I love these pics! It's priceless that they're getting along so well :)

  2. I love that you post a lot!! Keep posting away girl! Your girls are the absolute cutest!!