Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hannah First Day of School

My little tater started Pre-School today. I can't believe that this day has come so fast. I am so excited for her. She has great teachers, Mrs Gordon, Mrs Chiles, and Mrs Hossler. There are 6 girls and only 1 boy in her class. She has been so excited to start. The kids were asked to each wear brown to kick off the start of, "Brown Bear". Hannah was really excited about her rolling Dora back pack, aka "pack pack". They asked that the parents followed them through a shortened first day to get the kids comfortable. Of course Hannah had not difficulty she was so ready to start school. I am excited for all the wonderful things that await her. My sweet big girl:)


  1. you are like the marathon-blogger, we don't hear from you for a while....then it's like BAM! twelve new posts! {i'll take it!}

    i bet Hannah just LOVES school! if she is anything like Sela, is she talking about it alll the time? it totally irritates Sela that it isn't ALWAYS time to be going to school...

    cute cute pictures!

  2. She looks SO cute! As a teacher, I LOVE that she's excited to go too :)