Saturday, July 2, 2011

Catching Up (Hannah)

So I think it is about time to catch up on blogging and keeping our families on the fun and silly things our girlies do.
Hannah: So this little Tater always has us laughing. She is such a sweet little tender girl, but oh the sense of humor she has:) She has finished her first season of dancing. She took Ballet and Tap. You can tell that ballet is the dance she loves the most:) She is such a pretty dancer and always listens to her teacher so she can learn alot.
She is a really hard worker and is also a very good friend. She has made some really good friends over the last little while (Kaitlyn, Ashlyn, Zasha, Glori, and Courtney) to name a few. These girls play so well together and never fight so that makes a momma happy.
This year she has been memorizing the Articles of Faith and has now learned 7 of them word for word. She is such a special little one. The other day we had a man come over to replace our water heater. We invited him to church with us and when he asked what church we go to Hannah quickly said, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints" We were so proud of her that she knew and also that she was a little missionary. She is always eager to share her testimony with everyone especially Gabbie.
She still loves all of the Disney Princesses her favorite being (Sleeping Beauty).
She is a super great big sister. She is always looking out for Gabbie and can make her laugh in a second. All in all Hannah is wonderful and makes our lives so happy:)

So the other day it was really quiet so I wen t looking for Hannah and this is what I found. She was reading a Betty Crocker cook book while on then potty. Awesome!
This is right before her first dance recital. She was so excited to get her hair curled (well after she learned that it doesn't last forever. she was a little worried that it would make her hair shorter and that it would never come out) and to wear a bit of make up.
Here she put two little balloons under her dress and came over to us and said " look I have huge boobies" and then giggled for about 10 min.

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  1. I am so proud of Hannah! She is such an amazing little girl! I laughed out loud when I read the story of the bathroom reading...hilarious!!