Monday, December 7, 2009

Ward Christmas Party

Our ward had the funnest Christmas party this year. We all had to come dressed in Biblical clothing. We had to sign our family into a census and then we had blankets set up for our families to eat on. We went around to food stations and then settled in with our families for a nice presentation of the Nativity. My sister Amber and her super cute little girl Emery came out for the weekend. It was really nice to have them here!A fun family in our ward. The Bowens. Their costumes were great!

Aunt Alicya came with us.
Hannah loved her costume. She thought her scarf was really long pink hair.

Amber and Emery. Amber put a sheet on Emery as her headdress it worked so perfectly.


  1. I had no idea that people were going in Biblical clothes. How cool!! I wish I could've gone, but alas--concerts galore.

  2. Your ward sounds awesome. We're lucky if we get a dinner. Our ward isn't known for activities, let alone fun ones like that.

  3. great pictures - what a fun idea for a ward christmas party. so fun too to have Aleciya and Amber there!