Monday, December 7, 2009


Hannah playing football with Brian, Alicya, and Suzi

While the Turkey was cooking Hannah and Pappa went outback to look through their telescopes. Hannah said she could see a panda at a waterfall. You have to love her imagination. It was cute to see her close one eye like her Pappa. This whole trip Hannah would say, "Pappa, Pappa, I love you really much" it was so cute.Hannah loves olives!!
Brian made the most wonderful apple pie. Just call him Martha Stewart :)

So fun to have Vera and Brent come to Thanksgiving
Pappa and his turkey. So happy he did the yucky part!

Thanksgiving this years was so much fun. We had a house full Nanna, Pappa, Suzi, Aunt Vera, Uncle Brent, Alicya, Brian, Grammie, Pappy, Uncle Nathan, and of course Seth, Hannah and Myself. It was so much fun. Pappa makes the best turkey. He used cheesecloth and it was so moist and wonderful. It was fun being in the kitchen and cooking a big meal with my dad for our family.

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  1. Holy cow!!! I haven't seen Suzi in years. When did she get so big? Looks like you guys had a good time.