Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

Playing in the snow Christmas morning

The face! Mouth hanging open and all!

Playing with doll house and EleFun.

Christmas morning is so so much fun with a kiddo who understands what is going on. This is the first year that Hannah has been excited about Santa. We had her sleep in our room so she wouldn't see what Santa brought without us being able to see her face. When she woke up we told her to stay in the room while we went downstairs to see if Santa came. We turned the tree on then let her know that he had come and that she could come out and see. She ran out of the bedroom and her face was priceless!! I am so glad that we captured in a photo her mouth hanging open. She stood there just staring for a few minutes until we assured her that the toys were for her. Then she was down the stairs and loving everything.
Also I need to mention that a few days before Christmas Hannah told me that Santa was going to bring her the game EleFun. That that was the only thing she wanted. You should know that that was a new item to join the list for Santa to bring. Good thing he was on top of things! She told me that "Santa has my EleFun in hims sleigh" No worries when you are 2.
Later that evening we had dinner with Seth's parents. Grammie asked Hannah if Santa came to our house and she said, " yes , he came, I wasn't on the naughty list!"

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  1. I love that Hannah and Iris had the exact same jammies for Christmas morning. Isn't it awesome when they get so excited?