Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So we had Family Home Evening last night. We are really enjoying learning the principles of the gospel together. We have noticed a big difference in our family. We are much more patient and loving towards one another. So last night we learned about Service. We talked about how when we serve those around us we are showing Heavenly Fathers and Jesus Christ love for them. And that we need to do the things Jesus would do if he were here on earth. Of course we sand "Give said the little stream" it was a big hit:) And that it is always important to serve with a happy heart. So this morning Hannah got up and aked me to brush her hair so she wouldn't look like a scallywag. I was making breakfast so I said just a minute. Then Hannah said, "Mom, you need do your service to me and brush my hair." Let's just say I quit doing what I was doing and brushed her hair:) I'm so happy to see that she is learning and paying attention. What sweet blessings come from following the counsel of the Prophet!

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  1. Pretty soon she'll be telling you to do your "service" and get her a cookie. I see where this is going... :) Just kidding, you guys are such great parents.