Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Zoo Trip with Friends

We went to the Denver Zoo with some friends. Marlie Reed and her super cute boys Jackson "Jack" and Wesley and Elissa Olsen and her beautiful girls Anissa and Kat. We had a ton of fun. It is funny because we have been to the zoo so many times and I can honestly say that I have never noticed this cute bear cub statue before. Little Anissa pointed it out and had to have her picture taken with it. The kids looked so cute.
So the other night Hannah said, "mom i think that maybe Jack could be my prince! I think he is really handsome:)" She was so genuine and sweet. and I love that little Jack so the idea sounds great to me. If you look at the picture above everyone but Hannah is looking at the camera and little Tater is leaning in and taking a peek at Jack.

Loving time with my girlies!


  1. Jack and Hannah--a match made in heaven! Just be sure to invite me to the wedding :)

  2. SO cute! I can't wait to have 2 little girls. Lex you are DEFINATELY looking good. Your face looks SUPER slim!! Love ya!