Sunday, March 28, 2010

Billy Blanket

So our little Gabbie has Jaundice super bad so she has had to have her feet lanced about 8 times now. It is so sad. She doesn't even cry any more she just screams and is angry. poor little baby. When we went to the pediatrician Doctor Nelson, we were told that Gabbie would have to be on the billy blanket. I was happy to hear that we would not have to do treatments at the hospital but that we could do them from home and that unlike the billy bed the billy blanket allowed us to hold our sweet baby while on the machine. Thank goodness for modern medicine and technology.
The machine to help with the jaundice.
At least she looks comfortable.

1 comment:

  1. Trevor had to have that too. We called him our lil glowbug cuz his butt was all lit up with that thing! She sure is cute thought Lex!!!