Monday, March 8, 2010


When Hannah was born Melanie Olsen (Seth's really good friend) gave Hannah a really nice blanket from the Pottery Barn for Kids. It was a soft baby pink with a pink silk binding. And my was it so so soft. Hannah took to it immediately. Since she could talk it took on the name "Lankie." Hannah has not slept one night without it and drags it with us everywhere we go. It has been to Nevada, Washington, Utah, and Mexico. After all this travel I'm sure you can imagine that it has lost all of its beauty. Hannah has rubbed all of the silk off, the super plush soft side is now matted and almost a gray tint of pink, and one corner is stained gray for all the love Hannah gives it. At night she actually asks for her special corner and turns the blanket around until she finds it and rubs it until she falls asleep. So for Tater it is her most treasured possession. It has been tricky to get the time needed to wash the smelly thing. When she was a little younger she would stand by the washer for the entire cycle and cry. We would even have to only dry it halfway because of the meltdown she would have. Now it has gotten easier. We are able to wash it because she loves the way it smells and feels right after washing and drying. I took some pictures of the Lankie all fresh and clean. Tater just loves to cuddle and smell it. What a silly kid. I just thought that I needed to document the Lankie for later years :)

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  1. So darn cute :) I love when they love things like that so much.