Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yesterday we had our appointment for the amnio to see if the babies lungs were developed enough to have the c-section the next day. I was a little nervous for the amnio because I have a friend that said it was the the worst pain and that I needed to ask for a local to numb the area. She made it sound so terrible. We went for the amnio and I asked the ultra sound tech if she thought that I would need to be numbed. She said that she wouldn't because then you have to get poked twice. And that the local only numbs the outside area and that I wouldn't really feel that at all. So I opted to not have the local. Doctor Z is amazing. I didn't feel any pain at all! It was neat to see the whole process.
All of the tests came back positive and we are a go for the 16th :)

We arrived at St Joseph's Hospital at 6:30am. A little early, but I was so ready to get things going. The nurses prepared us for surgery. The next few hours passed so quickly and before I knew it we were walking into the operating room. Everyone in masks and all blue and sterile. They let Seth come in for the spinal which was different than when we had Hannah. I was grateful to have him there because that is the most painful part of the process. Doctor Z kept things lively by cracking us up. He is really the best doctor. We were told that usually the surgery takes 10-30 min to get the baby then at least 1 hour to put the momma back together. The nurses however told us that we have the best Doctor (we already knew that!) So Doc Z began the surgery at 9:19 am, he had to fix my previous c-section scar so he said it took him a little longer than expected. We welcomed Gabriella Bramalea Ludwig into our family at 9:32am, and he had me put back together and headed to recovery by 9:52am. He is the #1 Doctor in Colorado for a reason:) Gabbie weighed 7lbs 8oz, and was 19 1/2 in. long. She came out with a really strong set of lungs:) She let out a huge scream. Such a perfect little girl! She has similarities to Hannah, but has her own look.
Baby Gabbie is so beautiful! When they held her over the divider I fell in love with her immediately. I feel so blessed that Heavenly Father sent us such a perfect little angel! It was hard to hold back the tears. I always love those first moments. It is so special to see Seth hold the new baby. He is a really wonderful daddy!


  1. She is beautiful. I'm glad everything went well. I wish I could see you right now! I miss you sooo much!

  2. Awwww Lex!!!! So happy she is here. She IS beautiful--just like her mamma! Congratulations. Can't wait to meet her!