Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pregnancy and a two year old.

Since we have been pregnant we have had some really enlightening and funny conversations with Hannah.

We talked to Hannah about when baby Gabbie gets here that sometimes the baby is going to get fussy and cry and not be too much fun, but that she is part of our family and we get to keep her. So when she is not fun we don't get to send her back.

I almost cried from laughing so hard when we explained breast feeding. The conversation went something along these lines.
Seth: "Hannah how is baby Gabbie going to eat when she gets here?"
Hannah: "out of a bottle, I fink (think)"
Seth: "Well that is good, but right at first she is going to eat out of moms boobs."
Hannah: "No (giggle, giggle) that's sugesting (disgusting)!"
Seth: "really, she is! (laughing hysterically)
Hannah is now used to the idea and thinks it is ok. Although yesterday Hannah said, "Mom when baby Gabby gets here can you take the milk out of your boobs and put it in a bottle so I can feed her?"
I love the way her mind works.

We have also talked to Hannah about how baby Gabbie is going to get here. A c-section is way easier to explain than a vaginal birth! Lucky me:) I showed Hannah my c-section scar from when she was born and told her that Doctor Z has to cut my tummy to get baby Gabbie out. Hannah's question was, "with scissors?" I explained it would be a little knife. She seemed comfie with the idea. Now if you ask her how Gabbie is getting here. She will say, "Doctor Z will get a little ife (knife) and cut your tummy and pull her out, then he will put a big band aid on your tummy and give baby Gabbie a big bubble bath."
Sounds good to me.

I asked Hannah the other day if baby Gabbie is going to have teeth when she comes out. Hannah said, "yup". I told her that babies are not born with teeth, that they grow in later. She thought that this was crazy of course. I guess I had never given it much thought. But Hannah has had her teeth as far back as she can remember. So the idea of no teeth seemed pretty crazy. Needless to say this has been a hard concept for a 2 year old to understand. Luckily a friend (Jody Martin) came over the other day and brought her two girls for Hannah to play with. She also has a little boy who is only a few months old. So we were able to show Hannah that baby Kampbell doesn't have teeth yet, only gums. It was fun to see it click in Hannah's mind. Now if you ask Hannah if baby Gabbie is going to have teeth she says, "no, but she will have little gums!"

I have just really wanted Hannah to be prepared and not worry about things that are to come. She is a smart girl and I think it is good to explain.


  1. She's such a smart kid :) That's the thing about having this 2nd one when Jonathan's barely 2 and totally not talking--he has NO idea what's coming. I wish he did... oh well, I guess he'll understand it when it comes.

  2. Hannah is going to be great. I remember being worried about Riley when Payte was born. As soon as she met her, it was no big deal. She acted like, "ya, I know she is my sister, duh Mom." I think they already knew each other:)