Sunday, February 7, 2010


So before I got so sick my little sister Alicya was planning a baby shower. She was excited to as she put it, "be the cool sister:)" So then I got sick and was told by Doc Z that it would be best if I kept a low profile until we get this baby here because my immune system is struggling. So needless to say Alicya was pretty bummed to cancel things. Well yesterday her and Brian showed up and had a little shower for us. It was just Seth, Hannah, Alicya, Brian and myself and it was so thoughtful and fun! Alicya had ice cream cake, gifts for not only the new baby, but Hannah and myself and cute party favors. Thanks Alicya!!

Super cute party favors she had made. Fortune cookies covered in chocolate. The fortune read, "Life's hard enough without someone kicking you from the inside!" So So cute!


  1. How sweet! I'm bummed that you're in "low profile" zone. I was excited to go to your shower :( Only another month, right?

  2. Awww...she definetly gets sweetest sister award! Sorry you been so sick. Hang in there...almost done:)

  3. so cute! how sweet is alycia!!! my gosh, that sis is a keeper!

    and, those fortune cookies are SO cute! my neighbor and i are planning a baby shower on the 17th, i may just steal that idea!

    i hope you get feeling better.


  4. Soo cute!! That is a bummer that your shower had to be cancelled. Alycia is the best! Hope you start feeling great (as great as can be anyway)

  5. Alycia is so sweet...hope you get feeling better soon! Love and miss you!

  6. What a great sister. Looks like you still had a good time though.