Saturday, February 13, 2010


So Hannah's Aunt Alicya is a big teaser! She must have picked that up for our Dad (aka Pappa) although Pappa doesn't tease Hannah. So anyway, Aunt Alicya has taken to calling Hannah a "Sicko" which Hannah hates! she lookes at Aunt Alicya and says, "I'n not a sicko I'n a princess." This goes on for about 4 to 5 more times until Hannah has had enough! She makes her angry face and then Alicya will stop. So about a week ago Alicya and Brian came over and the sicko conversation started, but this time it ended with Hannah in tears. Her little feelings are so tender. So Aunt Alicya felt pretty bad. Well this morning Hannah and I went to take cupcakes and balloons to Alicya at work for her 23rd birthday. As we pulled into the bank parking lot Hannah said, " Mom I know aunt Alicya is probabnly going to call me a sicko, but I'n not a sicko I'n Sleeping Booty." To our happy surprise Alicya didn't bring up the sicko thing because she still felt bad about making Hannah cry. Alicya decided that she could still call her a sicko, but when Hannah gets her angry face she should probably stop.

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