Saturday, February 27, 2010

Alive or Stuffed


CocoIf you haven't noticed Hannah lives in panties at our house :)

Hannah and her Daddy are always bugging me to get a family dog. Don't get me wrong I think a medium sized dog would be nice except for the hair and the poop duty and the training and all the other not so fun things that come with being a pet owner. Hannah will about once every other week say, "mom I really need a dog!" So far I have been able to appease all of the requests with stuffed doggies. Hannah has quite a few of them but there are two that she loves more than any other toy or doll. Coco (a multi colored dachshund) and Spots ( a white dog with pink spots) She carries them with her all over and they even have to sleep with her. I thought that this seemed like a much better idea than all the work that comes with a real dog.
Little did I know that these little stuffed friends would be so much work.
The other night Hannah fell asleep watching cartoons so it seem like no biggie when Seth and I could only find Spots. I was woken at around 4:30 am to little sobs from Hannah's room along with her little sweet voice pleading, "Coco where are you, I need you! Coco I really need you!" It was so tender. I went to her room to comfort her. Seth and I had really looked all over the house so I assumed that Coco had been left in the car. It was super cold outside and snowing so I really didn't want to go out to the car. I told Hannah that Coco must have spent the night in the car. I thought or rather hoped that this would satisfy her. Not so! Her pleading continued and so so out into the cold night air I went. To my dismay the dog was not in the car. So Hannah and I spent he next 30 minutes searching the house for the dog. I said a little prayer for help because by this time I was getting a little grumpy and ready to be back in bed. We finally found him stuffed behind a couch in the basement with a barricade of other toys around him. Shocker, did I really expect it to be easy :) So my question is this, is a stuffed dog easier than one that is alive? At least if he were alive he would have heard the sweet pleadings of a little two year old and come running for his snuggles.
I am still holding my ground about no dog, but many more nights like that may sway my decision.


  1. I think it depends. Will she want the real dog to sleep with her...and are you okay with that? If you aren't does that mean she will want to sleep with her stuffed dogs still? If she would then I would skip the real dog thing cause then you would still have to clean up after it, and still look for the fake ones.

  2. Awww... that is so sweet! I say definitely get a real dog, but I am a big animal person. There is just something so special about a little kid and their dog following them all around.

  3. We have two dogs, but they stay outside. So no hair, no poop duty. And the kids can play with them whenever they want. We do, however, have an inside cat. She is great. She sleeps and poops in the garage. Sorry I'm not much help. I do love the sweet story though.