Saturday, February 27, 2010

Alive or Stuffed


CocoIf you haven't noticed Hannah lives in panties at our house :)

Hannah and her Daddy are always bugging me to get a family dog. Don't get me wrong I think a medium sized dog would be nice except for the hair and the poop duty and the training and all the other not so fun things that come with being a pet owner. Hannah will about once every other week say, "mom I really need a dog!" So far I have been able to appease all of the requests with stuffed doggies. Hannah has quite a few of them but there are two that she loves more than any other toy or doll. Coco (a multi colored dachshund) and Spots ( a white dog with pink spots) She carries them with her all over and they even have to sleep with her. I thought that this seemed like a much better idea than all the work that comes with a real dog.
Little did I know that these little stuffed friends would be so much work.
The other night Hannah fell asleep watching cartoons so it seem like no biggie when Seth and I could only find Spots. I was woken at around 4:30 am to little sobs from Hannah's room along with her little sweet voice pleading, "Coco where are you, I need you! Coco I really need you!" It was so tender. I went to her room to comfort her. Seth and I had really looked all over the house so I assumed that Coco had been left in the car. It was super cold outside and snowing so I really didn't want to go out to the car. I told Hannah that Coco must have spent the night in the car. I thought or rather hoped that this would satisfy her. Not so! Her pleading continued and so so out into the cold night air I went. To my dismay the dog was not in the car. So Hannah and I spent he next 30 minutes searching the house for the dog. I said a little prayer for help because by this time I was getting a little grumpy and ready to be back in bed. We finally found him stuffed behind a couch in the basement with a barricade of other toys around him. Shocker, did I really expect it to be easy :) So my question is this, is a stuffed dog easier than one that is alive? At least if he were alive he would have heard the sweet pleadings of a little two year old and come running for his snuggles.
I am still holding my ground about no dog, but many more nights like that may sway my decision.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Preoccupied much

Hannah had me make her a fort downstairs. She brought her blanket aka"lankie" and her puppies and some little ponies. After a little while of playing this is the scene that played out.

Hannah, "mom I maybe just peed."
Me, "what ? you peed on the floor?!"
Hannah, "no, just on this blanket."
Me, "Really!"
Hannah, "I just peed a little."

Mind you my voice was changing octaves and Hannah's was just matter of fact, no biggie. So I go and lift her off the blanket and sure enough there is a puddle on the blanket and the floor and her clothes are soaked. She just sat there and peed all over and thought it was fine. Who is this kid? She has been potty trained since this past July. She got a spank for peeing on the floor and all she could say between her little cry was, "it's all my fault" I felt bad for feeling like a spank was the only option, but she acted as though it was no big deal and that she didn't do anything wrong. I am so grateful that she is so forgiving and loves me again quickly after she gets in trouble. She really is so innocent! I am really grateful that Heavenly Father sent her to our home to be part of our family!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

" The Face!"

So this will probably be a post that is updated frequently because it seems like "The Face" is continuing to evolve and change, but the message she is trying to get across is always the same. I'm sure just by witnessing "The Face" you will know what I mean. These pictures are only a few of the times that "The Face" has graced our home, but it sure feels like "The Face" is directed at me quite often. Sassy little one!

February 2010

January 2010

December 2009
November 2009

October 2009


Hannah is just like her momma in the way that she likes it when Seth is cleanly shaven. The other morning he was laying on the couch and pulled Hannah up to cuddle. She snuggled in and then quickly pulled away. She then said, Daddy I don't like wiskers they are yuck! They make you a mountain man! You need to shave them!" I get a kick out of how she can really voice her opinion at such a young age! Seth quickly went and shaved :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010


So Hannah's Aunt Alicya is a big teaser! She must have picked that up for our Dad (aka Pappa) although Pappa doesn't tease Hannah. So anyway, Aunt Alicya has taken to calling Hannah a "Sicko" which Hannah hates! she lookes at Aunt Alicya and says, "I'n not a sicko I'n a princess." This goes on for about 4 to 5 more times until Hannah has had enough! She makes her angry face and then Alicya will stop. So about a week ago Alicya and Brian came over and the sicko conversation started, but this time it ended with Hannah in tears. Her little feelings are so tender. So Aunt Alicya felt pretty bad. Well this morning Hannah and I went to take cupcakes and balloons to Alicya at work for her 23rd birthday. As we pulled into the bank parking lot Hannah said, " Mom I know aunt Alicya is probabnly going to call me a sicko, but I'n not a sicko I'n Sleeping Booty." To our happy surprise Alicya didn't bring up the sicko thing because she still felt bad about making Hannah cry. Alicya decided that she could still call her a sicko, but when Hannah gets her angry face she should probably stop.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Disney Movies

Hannah loves Disney movies. Truly who doesn't! I thought I would write a quick log of which movies she likes and when. Especially because when I say she likes a movie that is a bit of an understatement. She is obsessed and has to watch it every chance she gets and she doesn't switch back and forth she sticks with only one.

The Little Mermaid -- July 2009-October 2009

One Hundred and One Dalmatians -- November 2009 only lasted about 1 1/2 weeks

Robin Hood -- November 2009

Cinderella -- December 2009- first part of January 2010

Lady and the Tramp (she calls it Tramp and the Lady :) -- end of January 2010

Sleeping Beauty (she calls this sleeping booty) -- February 2010

She knows all the songs and some of the key phrases in the movies. Seth and I do as well because I am not kidding about watching it all the time :)
Gotta Love Disney

Momma Water

Hannah has this thing about my water. I always have a large cup of water with ice in it sitting on the counter. Hannah calls it "Momma Water" she can't get enough of it. She is always sneaking sips when she thinks I'm not looking. She even asks for a little "Momma Water" before bed. It is quite funny. The other day I asked her why she liked "Momma Water" so much she said, "It is just so tasty! I love it!"

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Last night Hannah woke up about 3:45 am and called me to get her a drink of water. So we got some water and took her to the bathroom then she said goodnight and climbed back into bed. I went to the kitchen and I thought I was being quiet as I got some ice water. All of the sudden I hear little Tater calling me. I went to her room and asked her what she needed then she said, " mom could you stop fussin around so I can go back to sleep!" She was so serious I had to laugh. Then a few minutes later she came into Seth and my room and woke her daddy up and said, " I just need a little night time cuddle." So cute! Then she went back to bed. Funny kiddo!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hannah and Daddy Time

Seth took Hannah to the Denver Aquarium. They had so much fun. Hannah would run from one exhibit to another shouting "Daddy, Daddy please come look!" Hannah said her favorite thing was the pink fish and the otters. It is amazing how many different fish/sharks they have. I love my cute family so much!
Seth had some fun too! What a silly boy.

Hannah found this little tunnel that she ran through over and over again for about 30 minutes. She did really good when another kid would come along she made sure to wait her turn and let the others play. Then she would run over and say, " I'm a good girl I waited my turn" We were proud of her because sharing is so hard at this age.

I think they are the cutest!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Hannah's Hearts

This evening Hannah was having a bit of a melt down because she was missing her daddy. First she stood at the front door and called and called, "daddy". Then when I told her to come downstairs she had another melt down and told me "my two hearts are so unhappy!" So I said, "your two hearts?" then she said, "yes, my purple and pink heart are so sad with out my daddy, I need him to come home!" I asked her what color my heart was and she said, "yours is green and my daddy's is blue." So for all didn't know we have different color hearts and my sweet Hannah has TWO :)